Print and promotional marketing are crucial across all industries, but the use and effectiveness of these resources vary.

While some sectors may benefit from widespread promotional initiatives that reach the general public, law firms require a targeted marketing strategy that successfully highlights their company and resonates with their intended audience.

In the digital age, some businesses may believe that print and promotional advertising is not as effective as a digital strategy. This can’t be further from the truth. In fact, print marketing is consumed much differently than digital advertising. Print advertising engages consumers physically as they grip the page, which results in them devoting more attention to the content than when they are multitasking while perusing digital content on a screen.

Why Print & Promotional Marketing is Crucial for Law FirmsPromotional items not only grab the consumer’s attention like print advertising, but these items also help potential customers recognize and remember the business. Research shows that:

  • Over half of consumers keep promotional gifts for years.
  • The majority of clients remember the advertised business years after they receive a promotional product.
  • 85 percent of consumers do business with that advertiser after receiving a promotional item.
  • Promotional items can increase referrals by up to 500 percent.

Print and promotional advertising are proven marketing tools that law firms should utilize for a number of reasons, including:

The Legal Sector is a Saturated Industry

As of 2018, surveys indicate that there are over 1.3 million licensed attorneys actively trying cases in the United States. Unlike businesses in other industries, law firms are limited in the ways that they can legally advertise their services to potential clients. With so many businesses fighting for attention through limited channels, it’s critical that your law firm creates a strategic marketing plan that will not only allow your message to be heard by the right audience but also separates your legal services from that of the competition.

Creativity Separates Your Law Firm from Competing Counsel Teams

With an abundance of legal firms and independent attorneys competing for similar clients, it’s important that a law firm sets themselves apart from the herd. Print and promotional marketing offer firms an opportunity to creatively engage and attract potential customers in unique ways. Promotional products, such as branded legal pads, portable electronics chargers, and customized gifts, are useful items that continually keep your business in the consumer’s mind.

Print marketing can be just as effective when executed in distinct or exceptional ways. Creating unique brochures that are shaped or formatted unconventionally can pique the reader’s curiosity. Even an enhancement as simple as finishing and printing your materials using high-quality production methods will immediately make your advertisements reflect the professionalism and value of your law firm.

A Law Firm’s Reputation is Important

In the legal sector, reputation is everything. Law school rankings are more important than the rankings of any other educational institution, with graduates from the top 14 schools being the preferred candidates that law firms across the nation choose to hire. While these law firms may have notable earned reputations derived from previous clients, many potential clients do not know how to identify accurate earned reputations and will instead rely on manufactured reputations.

Manufactured reputations aim to create name-recognition using surface facts like highlighting the number of the firm’s attorneys that were educated at elite law schools or stating the total compensation awarded to a client after a successful trial. Using managed print services and mailing solutions, your law firm can successfully advertise their reputation to potential clients who lack the ability to find adequate legal representation on their own.

Targeted Print & Promotional Material Attracts the Right Clients

Using reputable and professional print and promotional materials can help you gain the trust of your potential clients. Although getting your message out to the public is an effective way to increase brand visibility, the key to gaining and retaining paying clients is to successfully target the right audience. Targeted print and promotional material can attract the right clients to your law firm.

Your law firm may serve specific legal needs which means you’ll need to identify clients looking for that specific representation. Print advertising can be distributed in the areas where your targeted customer base lives or frequents. It can also be placed in resources like magazines and newspapers that your intended clients often utilize. Your firm can also hand out promotional materials, like pens or magnets, to customers directly at events. This allows you to continue advertising your legal services throughout the lifespan of the object, as well as make a personal connection with these clients when you present them with the item.

Grow Your Law Firm Through Print Management and Promotional Marketing Solutions

Like all other businesses, your law firm requires a targeted advertising strategy that produces results. Print and promotional marketing can advertise your firm in a way that attracts the right clients and stands out from competing services while abiding by the laws that address marketing in the legal industry. For the latest print management and promotional marketing solutions, rely on Ditto as your trusted partner.

Ditto — Your Reliable Source for Print & Promotional Marketing

You deserve a marketing strategy that works as hard as your firm. Ditto provides integrated marketing solutions that combine innovative ideas with the latest technology to drive measurable revenue and deliver extraordinary results.

Ditto’s organized print management and high-quality promotional products are custom marketing solutions that meet your law firm’s advertising needs. Speak with one of our helpful associates today and learn more about the ways we can achieve your law firm’s marketing goals.