Want your employees to stand out from the competition while looking both professional and presentable?

If so, then you should consider outfitting them with branded apparel from Ditto. Nowadays, company uniforms have become an essential part of the work culture. In addition to adding an extra level of professionalism, our customized clothing helps to boost productivity, increase brand exposure, and inspire a strong sense of camaraderie.

There’s no denying professional workwear is an effective way to send a clear brand message, but creating custom employee apparel requires a bit of thought. Not only should your apparel be stylish, comfy, and well-fitting, but it should also reflect what the company stands for.

In this article, we discuss a few tips on how to design custom work uniforms for a more noticeable impact.

Choosing the Right Style

The possibilities of employee uniforms are endless. However, the key is to create a personalized style that showcases your brand and complements your employees’ job profile. You should have a clear vision of what will work for your type of business.

Does the team spend more time indoors or outside? A subtle outfit is ideal for a formal set-up, but relaxed clothing like t-shirts, tunics, and sweatshirts may be more appropriate for outdoor jobs, the creative industry, and retail environments. And yes, while keeping up with contemporary trends are important, giving precedence to fashion over functionality is a big no-no.

Selecting the Right Fabric

When it comes to choosing fabric the comfort level of employees is very important. When selecting fabric types, it’s important consider qualities like flexibility, comfort, durability, and stain resistance of the material. Natural fabrics like cotton are popular and practical choices for teams that spend time on the field whereas formal workwear is more suitable for air-conditioned settings.

Consider the Color Palette

The color scheme of your custom work uniforms can have a dramatic impact. Depending on the message you intend to convey, you should select colors that compliment each other. A simple two-color combination that symbolizes for something a little more fancy. In this case, you will want to ensure that they complement each other.

Create a Killer Logo

Once you’ve chosen your style, fabrics, and colors, the next important step is to create a logo. The significance of the company logo cannot be stressed enough. It represents your business’ characteristics, culture, and ideals. The logo design, whether imprinted or embroidered, should be simple and unassuming yet unique enough to grab people’s attention in any setting. Your logo can be leveraged on several of our promotional items, so it’s important to ensure that the design can be utilized on both hard and soft surfaces with ease. Keep your logo simple (no more than 3 colors) and provide your t-shirt printing company with a vector version of logo file when you’re ready.

Get Input from Your Staff

The final decision is undoubtedly yours, but it doesn’t hurt to get your employees on board and get their perspective since they will be showcasing your brand. Not only do you want to ensure you’re meeting their size requirements, but see what they collectively think about the cuts, colors, styles, and materials.

Think of Accessories

A customized uniform is not necessarily about the full head-to-toe outfit. Other elements can help create a more complete corporate identity. Accessories like custom name tags, hats, lanyards, and stationary items help elevate your brand and make an equally lasting impression.

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