In this day and age, it’s important to find creative ways to stand out among your competitors while reducing overall expenses.

Whether it’s through the services that you provide and/or the way you market your business, you are often required to oversee important business processes and marketing costs in order to effectively evaluate the return on investment.

This is especially important for modern-day enterprises that who are in need of print fulfillment services. To effectively manage these critical aspects of your marketing efforts we recommend that you consult with a reputable local print fulfillment company. And before you make that call, we advise that you view our recommendations below to see how you can save money through variable printing and fulfillment services.

Printing Services

In addition to digital marketing, print marketing (e.g. business cards, stationary, flyers, etc.) is the lifeblood for many businesses’ marketing efforts. Not only are they important for B2B interactions, but also for B2C transactions and other marketing efforts. However, printing such items can be costly. With the help of a local digital printing company, you minimize your overall expenses in the following ways:

1. Reduce the Cost of Supplies

After purchasing any printer, there will inevitably be maintenance costs that come along (e.g. ink cartridges, paper, and replacement parts), which may ultimately negate your return on investment. Professional printing services can help you cut these costs by offering competitive industry prices and reducing the per-page expenses.

2. Eliminate Paper Waste

Paper waste is one of the most persistent and preventable operation costs in the modern office. Research states that more than 50% of print based collateral will become waste material. Digital printing companies leverage coherent principles like duplex printing and managed print services to help businesses reduce the overall print and marketing promotional items costs.

3. Utilize the Latest Technology

More than likely, your local print fulfillment company owns a variety of large format and/or wide format printers that can handle of all of your needs, which could help save you a good chunk of money. High-quality large format printers typically start at $10,000 so you should consider the frequency of your print jobs, the quantity of the collateral that you need for your print campaigns, and whether or not you have a design team that can format your artwork appropriately to the specifications that you need.

Fulfillment Services

Operations like warehousing, packaging, and shipping all fall under the umbrella of fulfillment services. The more seamless these services are, the better will be your overall performance when dealing with your customers and clients. Outsourcing these services to professional print fulfillment companies saves both time and money. Here are a few more reasons why:

1. Eliminate Warehouse Rent

To house large quantities of print collateral, you more than likely would need to allocate a large space in your building and/or rent a spacious warehouse. The rent for such a facility would certainly cut into your operational costs. Not to mention, you may need to also employ a warehouse manager to ensure your goods are properly managed.

2. Reduce the Cost of Equipment & Shipping

In addition to warehouse space, equipment like label printers, pallet racks, and shipment fees all play a factor in your operational costs. Fulfilling orders through picking, packing, shipping, reverse logistics, or returning order from customers all add so it’s probably wise to reach out to your local print fulfillment company to see what kinds of rates they can offer.

3. Save on Labor Costs

Creating your own fulfillment center will require you to employ additional employees. With additional employees comes additional expenses associated with training, recruiting, and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re a small or large business, you should consult with your local printing company to see if they can offer the full fulfillment package.


Business is all about generating revenue. Businessmen have to be opportunistic, intelligent, and responsive. They must be able to handle ‘ad-hoc’ decisions to ensure their enterprise is operating correctly and efficiently. With that being said, we hope that you consider the aforementioned print and fulfillment considerations before reaching out to your local print fulfillment company.