The umbrella is a promotional product classic and an all-time favorite gift.

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a wow-type giveaway, but these numbers illustrate why this everyday staple continues to be a go-to promotional product.

First, umbrellas have that winning combination of being both extremely cost effective for delivering brand impressions and incredibly useful for the recipient. An ASI study revealed that over their lifespan, umbrellas generate over 1,300 impressions. Meanwhile, the same study showed that 83% of consumers would keep a promotional umbrella because it’s useful. Everyone needs one, so it’s an ideal giveaway for a large, diverse group.

PCNA is your destination for these powerful messaging machines. We work to make sure that we’re always ahead in:

  1. Selection: From beach to golf, from folding to compact, PCNA has every umbrella style you could ever want.
  2. Colors: Your brand is important – we carry the colors to match.
  3. Trends: Styles change and we have all the color pops and cool patterns that are popular right now. Plus, we have the best collection of Inversion Umbrellas in the industry.
  4. Brands: We have great pieces from well-known brands like totes®, Slazenger and Cutter & Buck.
  5. Price Points: We have an umbrella for every budget.
  6. Next-Day Turn: You can get your umbrellas fast with SureShip®.

Ready for a gift that’s time-tested and sure to make an impression? Check out our entire Umbrella Collection.

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