Healthcare providers are adopting new strategies for reaching customers and building brands.

Healthcare providers, from independent physicians to multi-state health systems, are being forced to develop new marketing strategies to reach customers, build brands, and recruit new employees. Here are the trends that are causing these seismic shifts in healthcare marketing:

1. Competition

Healthcare options just keep increasing. Just look at the rise in urgent care and retail medical centers across the United States. All providers, especially in areas with larger populations, are competing for awareness, recognition – and revenue. As institutions battle for patients, they want to stand out, be noticed. This is when branding becomes crucial.

The Takeaway: Be sure to select promotional products that compliment your branding strategy. If your message is wellness and prevention, make sure your products promote that idea. Fitness accessories, sports bottles, performance athletic apparel all help get that message across.

2. Technology

Like the rest of the world, healthcare facilities are adopting new technology at incredible speeds. Nurses and physicians carry iPads instead of paper charts. Providers are using their advanced technological capabilities as a way to build their credibility and separate their brand from the pack.

The Takeaway: As technology becomes further embedded in healthcare, there’s an opportunity for marketers to use tech accessories like power banks and Bluetooth speakers to reinforce their organization’s image as a tech leader.

3. Community Outreach

Through nutrition programs, charity run/walks and educational seminars, health systems are becoming increasingly active in the community to promote their initiatives. As the discussion shifts towards wellness and prevention, all these new programs and special events need awareness to succeed.

The Takeaway: Giveaway promotional products such as sports bottles and totes are incredibly useful and proven tools for spreading the word and rewarding participants.

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