​See how we created a special gift for a major safety milestone.

June is National Safety Month, a major event on the promotional products calendar. Corporate safety programs are a very big deal – especially in industries like construction, manufacturing and healthcare, where accidents cost millions of dollars in insurance claims, not to mention lives. Employers routinely spend big money on campaigns aimed at reducing accidents and creating cultures of safety.

Here’s a look at how a waterproof softshell jacket from Trimark was transformed into a special gift to recognize and celebrate a major safety achievement.

The Customer Request

The human resources director at a manufacturing company wanted an employee gift to celebrate a major safety milestone – 1,000 days without a lost-time injury.

Our Solution

The Index Softshell Jacket is a waterproof, breathable jacket that excels in cold, wet conditions. It has an on-trend look that helps it stand out from the rain jacket pack.

In addition to a striking vertical chest imprint for the company branding, the Index has an interior pocket panel that allowed us to add a special message from the company president about the organization’s commitment to safety culture.

The Finished Product

Index Softshell Jacket

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