With so many businesses and brands moving their efforts to digital marketing, some companies may be asking themselves what traditional print marketing tactics can do for their bottom line.

Each month when it’s time to sit down and address the marketing budget, many business owners will look into areas that they can do without, and many consider cutting their print spend.

This is not a wise approach when deciding how to best distribute valuable marketing dollars. Sure, using digital helps broaden the span of advertising and promotion with a few simple clicks, but utilizing print marketing as a component of an overall strategy proves powerful in reaching and captivating an audience.

Print Marketing Remains Relevant

Print Still Has a Place in Your StrategyNo one is advocating the abandonment of digital marketing either, but creating a print campaign that supports your digital marketing efforts can make a significant difference in how customers can regularly engage with your content.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding or keeping print marketing in your budget:


The age of internet advertising is still looming with the fear of inboxes being flooded with spam and users being targeted by spammers with an accidental click of a paid advertisement. Not only is print marketing a familiar channel for consumers, it is less likely to be filled with scammers and misinformation. Likely due to the expense and labor that goes into print marketing efforts, “phishing” tactics are typically left to internet marketing.


It is no surprise that as our access to information grows, our attention span dwindles. The digital space is only becoming more crowded, leaving brands to fight for the attention of their consumer, with little time to do so. In fact, a study conducted at Temple University found that while there was no preference between either the print or digital medium amongst those being surveyed, print ads engaged viewers for more time, while pulling a greater emotional response and memory up to a week after the printed ad was viewed.


Holding a glossy, weighted brochure or a creatively designed postcard goes beyond providing product information and function – it offers a personalized and direct experience that can often feel absent in the digital space. The direct mail pieces consumers receive at their home require a physical interaction, holding your company’s offer or announcement in their hands, rather than aimlessly swiping past an ad or discarding an email without so much as even opening it.


If you are marketing to a hyper-local customer base, print marketing is likely to serve you well. Working within a specific (and manageable) geographic region gives you an opportunity to make a direct and personal connection within the community. Whether it be flyers or a direct mail postcard with a friendly hello and an offer, many traditional customers who are looking for trusted local services will respond positively to a traditional outreach such as print.


Print and digital marketing efforts are not mutually exclusive. If your business holds a significance digital presence, using your printed marketing efforts to entice your audience to engage with your brand online can attract a new audience and drum up more online interaction. While the balance of print and digital is dependent on business and industry, the need for both holds true across the board.

Master the Art of Print with Ditto

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