We’ll help you find the right piece of outerwear.

Here’s the scenario. You need a new jacket for your team. It might be a team of athletes or it could be a sales team that travels around the country developing relationships and closing deals. Either way, you want to give them outerwear that meets their needs, looks good and becomes something they look forward to putting on everyday.

The good news, you have options. The potentially frustrating news, you have lots of options. Choosing a jacket can be a little overwhelming, especially when you start looking at all the available styles, materials and features. To help you arrive at the right piece, we’ve put together a quick guide that highlights everything you need to consider when buying a jacket. Let’s get started.

1. The Right Look

A great place to start and a quick way to narrow down the choices.  Style is where you decide the look and feel you’re going for. Are you looking for something sophisticated and professional at home in a corporate setting, or are you interested in something on the outdoorsy, more casual side? Maybe you’re looking for versatility, a jacket that’s at home at the office and the hiking trail.  Here are some examples:

The Professional Look: 

Example: Rivington Insulated Jacket

Key features: A 3/4 length, refined wool-like texture, umbrella pocket, backpack straps.

Rivington Insulated Jacket

The Outdoorsy Look:

Example: Silverton Packable Insulated Jacket

Key features: ECHOHEAT lining for warmth retention, water repellent finish, lightweight insulation. built-in stuff sack for packability.

Silverton Packable Insulated Jacket

The Versatile Look for 9 to 5 and 5 to 9

Example: Fernie Hybrid Insulated Jacket

Key features: Featherweight insulation, water repellent finish, reflective details for visibility, interior media pocket and cord guide to keep devices accessible.

Fernie Hybrid Insulated Jacket

2. The Elements

You’re looking for a jacket so chances are it’s going to be worn outside. Mother nature can be unpredictable so you better select a jacket that has the right features for the right conditions. Here are some things to look for when you’re trying to beat the elements. Check out these ready-for-anything jackets:

Wet Weather

Example: Index Softshell Jacket

Key features that keep you dry: Three-layer construction with waterproof breathable membrane, water repellent finish, fully seam sealed.

Index Softshell Jacket

Cold Weather

Yamaska 3-in-1 Insulated Jacket

Key features that keep you warm: Fully seam sealed outer softshell jacket that’s waterproof and breathable, removable insulated liner jacket for warmth, detachable hood.

Yamaska 3-in-1 Insulated Jacket

3. Special Features and Details

Last but not least, here are some other key features to look for when narrowing down your jacket options. These are the details that make a jacket both more fun and functional.


Pack your jacket into a built-in stuff sack when space is at a premium or you’re traveling between climates.

The Perfect Jacket in Three Easy Steps

Media Pockets

Interior pockets that keep devices handy. Most have ports for headphones and charging cables.

The Perfect Jacket in Three Easy Steps

Backpack Straps

Hands free jacket carrying while you’re out and about.

The Perfect Jacket in Three Easy Steps

The Bottom Line

Buying jackets is a big investment. You’ll maximize that investment when you buy a jacket that your team members can’t wait to put on. When you’re thoughtful about style and the conditions the jacket is going to face, you’ll remove the guesswork and end up with something special.

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