Gift Season 2019 is officially underway. Here are our top five opportunities for year-end and holiday gift giving.

It is better to give than receive, right?

Since Gift Season 2018 is officially underway, we’re sharing our top five occasions for year-end and holiday gift giving. These are special opportunities to make the important coworkers, clients and vendors in your life feel special.

1. Customer Appreciation

“Thank you.” Two simple words that go such a long way. Saying thanks with a special gift makes an impact and lets customers know that value their business is valued. Plus, experts estimate that acquiring a new customer can be up to 10 times more expensive than keeping a current one.

2. Employee Recognition and Service Awards

Research shows that recognition is the single most influential cause of great work across all generations of U.S. workers. It is also the number one reason employees stay with an organization. A great gift can go a long way to show employees that their efforts are appreciated.

3. Safety Awards

Safety is critical and safe work practices should be celebrated. Branded gifts, large or small, are great for recognizing safety milestones like accident-free years and encouraging safe work in the future.

4. A “Use it or Lose it” Budget

Some department heads will need to use up their 2018 budget dollars to ensure their funds won’t be cut for the following year. Investing in a great branded gift will help maximize their marketing budgets as the year draws to a close.

5. Vendor and Supplier Appreciation

Business relationships matter and suppliers are essential to your customers’ success. A branded gift will let this often overlooked group know they are appreciated and looked at as part of the team.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the goal is to choose a piece that people are going to notice – something that establishes or reinforces a brand and makes them feel special.

Ready for more inspiration? Our customizable 2019 Gift Season Idea Guide has the perfect mix of products and apparel to get you started for holiday and year-end gift giving.

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