Functional meets fun with these trendy new custom metallic totes from WorldSource.

The humble tote bag is a force when it comes to creating brand impressions. We receive them all the time at events like conferences, tradeshows and company meetings, but we almost always hold on to them, usually for years. They’re just so useful to have around!

Totes are also super trendy. Last year, the New Yorker Magazine started giving away a simple, understated canvas tote to new subscribers and demand skyrocketed. Demand has been so intense that supply hasn’t always kept pace according to Dwayne Sheppard, vice president of consumer marketing for Condé Nast.

Go Custom, Stand Out

A new custom bag from WorldSource takes totes to a shiny new level with a metallic vinyl exterior in 31 colors and patterns. From New York Fashion Week to the style blogs, metallics are red hot right now and these totes will make any brand stand out in the sea of boring bags. Contact WorldSource to start customizing a metallic tote for your brand or event.

And while we’re talking totes…

We asked our bag experts to put together their top 5 reasons why totes are essential for promotional products store. Here’s what they came up with:

Five Reasons to Promote With Totes

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