Leed’s and drinkware company Welly recently established an exclusive partnership to bring environmentally-friendly, insulated bamboo drinkware to the promotional products industry.

Leed’s began carrying Welly bottles in August 2019.

“I created Welly to help the environment and give clean water to people in need,” said Ben Kander, Welly Founder and CEO.  “I’m thrilled to partner with a company like Leed’s, who understands the critical role of environmentally-friendly products in the promotional products channel.”

Welly’s mission is to reduce reliance on single-use plastic by providing a reusable alternative, as well as bring reliable access to clean water to communities in need. Welly donates 3 percent of sales to charity: water, a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. With its first contribution, Welly helped bring clean water to Mai Welay, a rural village in northern Ethiopia.

“Welly has such unique, compelling products, plus their work with charity: water is inspiring,” said Heather Smartt, Global Category Director at PCNA. “There’s a strong demand for earth-friendly, sustainable products in this industry and this partnership allows us to continue providing our distributors with the innovative and socially responsible brands their customers are looking for.”

For more information, reach out to Ditto today at 878-999-2824 or promomarketing@dittohq.com.