Want more bang for your buck? Think outside the booth.

When it comes to brand exposure, tradeshows offer opportunities that go far beyond the usual giveaways at the booth. Here are some additional ways to use promotional products to make an impression at the event.

En Route

With tradeshows all over the country, there’s going to be a lot of travel – which means busy airports, crowded flights and long lines at the car rental desk.  The plus sides of all these annoyances are ample opportunities for brand exposure. Outfitting a tradeshow team with branded products like convenient underseat luggage and seriously stylish laptop bags, you can hit the ground running while promoting your brands around the world.

Wenger Site 15" Computer Backpack

Wenger Site 15″ Computer Backpack

At The Hotel

When you’re living out of a hotel room for a few days, the conveniences of home seem a million miles away – even something as simple as charging multiple devices. How about a light up 3-in-1 charging cable so you can eliminate fumbling with cables in the dark? And when your conference staff heads to the hotel gym, they can make a big impression by wearing a performance knit top with the company logo. Just another way to keep brands top of mind during the event.

Quadra Long-Sleeve Top

Quadra Long-Sleeve Top

On the Show Floor

Tradeshow staff can certainly make a great impression of their brand by wearing a sporty polo with a popular retail look. But what about more subtle ways to get exposure? When hurrying around the conference and there’s no outlet in sight, a wireless power bank can really save the day, while a sleek Thule backpack will turn some heads.

Coma 6000 mAh Wireless Power Bank

Coma 6000 mAh Wireless Power Bank

At a Special Client Meeting or Event

At a conference, your customers will most certainly be meeting with important clients, business partners or maybe even people they’re recruiting. In this case, a truly personalized gift can make a meaningful connection. Variable data printing on a custom journal from JournalBooks allows them to personalize a decorated piece with an individuals name.


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