We help you navigate the options and arrive at the perfect shirt for your brand.

We’re talking polo shirts, some of the most common, but misunderstood pieces of branded apparel out there. Most companies and organizations have them, they’re too often treated like a commodity with little attention paid to selecting right piece for the right wearer.

There’s a lot to consider when buying a polo. Answering the following questions will help you narrow down your options and lead you to the perfect garment.

1. Function

Who’s going to wear the polo shirt and what do they do?

This is the place to start. Your organization is most likely made up of employees with a wide variety of job functions – all working in different conditions and environments. The apparel needs of warehouse supervisors are very different from those of sales reps who spend most of the year on the road. You can buy one polo shirt and “make it work” or you can select a piece that meets the unique style and performance needs of your employees.

Once you identify who’s going to wear the polo, you can start to identify specific options as you answer the following questions.

2. Fabric

What are the most comfortable materials for the wearer?

When it comes to fabric options, polos have evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years. Today, you can find shirts made with materials specifically designed to increase your comfort and protect you from the elements.

For a sales team spending most of their time in client meetings and living out of a suitcase, a wrinkle-resistant, professional looking polo is an essential part of their wardrobe. When it’s time to spend all day on the tradeshow floor or play a mid-August round of golf, the needs a polo with fabric that’s designed to keep you cool and dry. Trimark’s WebTech™ fabric is breathable and wicks moisture away from your skin. The Royce Polo is the perfect choice for busy professionals who need an easy-to-care-for shirt that will keep them cool when temperatures rise.

For positions with more physical movement such as a construction superintendents or restaurant wait staff, look for a shirt that’s a little more casual and features snag-resistant fabric. The Dade Polo would perform well on a busy jobsite, plus it offers UV protection to keep you safe in the sun. Plus, the all-around great shirt come in 12 colors to compliment any brand.

3. Fashion/Fit

What look are you going for?

Polos come in all shapes, sizes, styles and patterns. As with all promotional products, knowing your brand will help you arrive at the right polo shirt for your team. An investment bank in New York City is going to want a look that’s more conservative and professional than a microbrewery in Denver.

Let’s compare and contrast two polo shirts, the Concord and the Sagano. The Concord has a great versatile look – it works well tucked or untucked. You could outfit the entire brewpub staff in the Concord to achieve an appearance that’s casual and laidback, but also put-together. Plus, it has all the key performance features for employees with a heavy physical component to their jobs.

Meanwhile, the Sagano polo is ready for the golf club or the boardroom, but it’s far from boring with trendy textured heather blocking that creates a subtle yet striking retail look. It definitely sends a message that your organization means business.

Don’t forget about fit! Most of Trimark’s apparel is available in both men’s and women’s styles so that every member on your team will look great. We special attention to fit, making sure the garment looks and feels good when worn.

4. Brands

Do you want to add value a retail brand?

Putting your logo on a polo shirt from a well-known retail brand such as Puma or Roots73 adds perceived value for the recipient and your company. There is an expected higher level of quality with a retail brand garment and aligning your organization with the brand can create a positive impression. A polo shirt from retail brand doesn’t have to break the budget – Trimark offers Puma and Roots73 polos in a range of price points.

The Bottom Line

You’ve made the decision to invest in branded polo shirts for your organization, why not take a few simple steps to ensure that your team members will love to wear the shirts? You won’t get many brand impressions with the shirts hanging in closets.

You have a lot of options. Think about who will be wearing the shirts and what you want the shirt to say about your brand. From there you’ll be able to find a shirt that’s right for your company and right for the wearer.

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