​A closer look at how JournalBooks is making Captain Planet proud with EcoBooks.

Did you know that JournalBooks is FSC® Certified? This important distinction means that JournalBooks products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

To make their carbon footprint more of a carbon tip-toe, JournalBooks takes great pride in making products as environmentally friendly as possible by using vegetable-based inks, recycled scrap metal for wire binding, and recycled cover materials. To add a cherry on top of that sustainability dream, all of their filler paper is responsibly sourced, and they also offer 100% recycled EcoFiller as an upgrade. They’re not claiming to be heroes, but Captain Planet would be pretty impressed.

To make going Eco-Friendly even easier, they created their Eco Line – products made strictly from recycled materials. In this collection the EcoTuc journal is a great option, with a unique ‘wrap-and-tuck’ design that keeps your notes protected. Opt for the Natural or EcoBlack cover, or switch it up and do a Natural front cover with an EcoBlack wrapped back.

Large EcoTuc 7x10 Journal

Large EcoTuc 7×10 Journal

For aa more traditional design, JounalBooks EcoBooks come in four size options and three material covers. All EcoBooks components are comprised of post-consumer 100% recycled materials for seriously earth-friendly note-taking.

With EcoBooks, enjoy the convenience of classic wire-bound journals and a guilt-free conscience.

Doubling-down on sustainability is the EcoWrap. Offered in two sizes, these bad boys are not only made of recycled materials, but are also refillable.

Large EcoWrap 7x10

Large EcoWrap 7×10

Once your client settles on a journal, don’t forget about a pen. The EcoPen and Mini EcoPens are made with recycled plastic and paper. They write beautifully and are a favorite among the JournalBooks Team!

The Eco Pen

The Eco Pen, a quality retractable pen made with recycled paper, and plastic with a flat wooden pocket clip. Black ink.

As with all of JournalBooks products, the Eco Line can be upgraded with imprints, custom filler, tip-ins, and more. Customization is still key, even when trying to save the world!

For more information, reach out to Ditto today at 878-999-2824 or promomarketing@dittohq.com.