Reusable promotional products are crucial tools for delivering an eco-friendly message.

This is big – a significant culture shift is taking place.  Consumers today, especially millennials and Gen Z, place a much higher priority on environmental issues – and they are demanding that the companies and organizations they interact with uphold these same values. Fully 92% of consumers have a more positive image of a company when that company supports environmental causes (Forbes). To resonate with these customers who care, organizations are adopting environmentally-friendly policies and practices as a real revenue-driving business strategy, not simply positive PR moves. We’re looking at you Patagonia and Unilever.

The implications for promotional products are enormous. Products made from recycled materials, like our new Parkland backpacks and duffels which have exteriors made from 100% recycled water bottles, are soaring in popularity and ideal for promoting a pro-environment message.  Also, reusable products that can be positioned as swaps for disposable products like plastic bags or paper coffee cups are vital for modern brands.

This infographic demonstrates not only the waste that’s eliminated when we switch to reusable products, but also the idea that major institutions see eco-friendliness as non-negotiable operating strategy. Promotional products that eliminate a reliance on disposable items are ideal for promoting and advancing that strategy.

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