Some quick tips to help you make the most of your company merchandise store.

A company merchandise store, stocked with gifts and apparel featuring your logo and branding, is great marketing tool. Having one lets you consolidate spending, manage your branded merchandise pricing and accommodate large and small orders. It makes life easier for everyone, especially the procurement, sales and HR teams.

To keep your store from becoming stale and ignored, here are some tips to keep up it fresh and exciting. When done well, the company store will not only increase efficiency, but deliver tons of brand impressions.

1. Keep It Fresh

Tastes change and trends evolve. Review your product selection on a regular basis and introduce new styles to create excitement and maintain interest in the store.

2. Get Employee Input

Give your coworkers a chance to voice their opinions on the types of products they would like to see in the store. After all, they are the ones who will be wearing the apparel and handing the presenting the gifts to their clients. Simple email surveys work well to get feedback on product choices.

3. Maintain Variety

If you work for a larger organization, you probably have a wide range of ages, positions and interests. You can’t make everyone happy, but including several different gift and apparel options at a variety of price points will give everyone something they’ll like and fits the budget.

The Bottom Line

A company store is a success when employees use it. With a little attention to product selection, it can become a vital marketing tool and powerful impression generator. Visit to outfit your store with best gifts and apparel.

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