These bold variations are guaranteed to turn heads and distance your brand from the pack.

Front left chest logo says “I work for this company.” Decoration elsewhere on the garment says “I support this brand.”

Popular apparel decoration trends change and evolve from season to season so let’s take a look at the latest trends for the back half of 2019. These bold variations are guaranteed to turn heads and distance your brand from the pack. Prepare to be inspired:

1. Time to Reflect

Fall/Winter Trends in Apparel Decoration

Safety has become a statement. From utility wear to service uniforms, the influences of the everyday workwear dominated high fashion and streetwear. Whether for fashion or function, we have the capability to add reflective transfers to our apparel to help employees stand out for safety, or just stand out.

2. Mesmerizing Metallic

 Fall/Winter Trends in Apparel Decoration

The contrast of metallic on a dark background really makes a logo stand out. Create an eye catching but classic look with a metallic HXD icon on the collar or utilize our four metallic true edge inks for a full front logo that will leave a dazzling impression.

3. On the Cuff

Fall/Winter Trends in Apparel Decoration

A traditional location for tailors and designers to mark their creation with a temporary label on the cuff, this location maintains its classic appeal. With a variety of decoration options we have to achieve this look, laser provides a subtle imprint etched directly into the cuff with a custom appearance. On woven shirts, where the cuff opens, try a classic embroidery icon.

4. Logo Mania

Fall/Winter Trends in Apparel Decoration

Fashion and trends often repeat themselves, and after a few years of minimalism, the 90’s trend of Logo Mania is back with everyone on board to promote their brand in a bold way. While repeating patterns was already a recent trend, fashion graphics are even bigger and bolder now. A great way to replicate this trend is to utilize the large impact locations we have to create your own super logo shirt or jacket.

5. Print on Plaid

Fall/Winter Trends in Apparel Decoration

Plaid remains the print of the year. High fashion continues to look to streetwear for inspiration. Bold graphic branding and prints of youth culture permeated the runway this fall and large transfers on plaid were staples in many collections. Our new Sprucelake Roots73 buffalo plaid shirt is the perfect canvas to create a contemporary and trendy piece with multiple locations for branding elements.

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