With digital marketing solutions like social media, affiliate marketing, and Google AdWords at your disposal you can easily reach out to large audiences across the globe in order to generate leads.

However, utilizing these tools effectively requires a certain level of experience, technical know-how, and a hefty budget in order to effectively relay your message to a large audience. On the hand, if you’re looking for an effective, budget-friendly way to make an impression while increasing brand recognition, then you should consider custom promotional apparel from Ditto.

In this article, we discuss several effective ways to leverage promotional apparel, as well as promotional marketing strategies to help grow your business. See below for more information:

Make Sure to Select the Right Imprint and Apparel

First and foremost, it is imperative that you figure out what, where, and how would you print your logo and messaging on your promotional apparel. Whether it’s your company’s tagline or a simple catchphrase from a campaign that you’re running, your apparel should clearly represent who you are and what your business stands for. In addition to the artwork, you should consider the apparel (e.g. clothing styles, fabric types) that you would utilize for your promotion.

Utilizing Promotional Apparel as Uniforms

Picture this scenario. You dropped your new phone in the toilet and now it needs repaired. As a loyal customer, you decide to get it repaired from the official service center of your provider (e.g. AT&T, Verizon). Upon visiting the service center, what’s the first thing you notice when you enter the doors? More than likely, it’s the company’s branding throughout the entire store or the custom uniform that their employees are wearing. Any large, reputable company will tell you that having their employees wear custom work uniforms is essential because it helps reinforce their brand and a give their customers a sense of professionalism. So why wouldn’t you do the same for your business?

Freebies: The Trojan Horse

If you’ve ever been to a trade show, you know that people love freebies. It sounds crazy, but freebies have a long-lasting effect, especially when they are unique. While providing promotional apparel items like hats and t-shirts requires a budget it gives potential customers a way to remember your company. Your branded apparel serves as a reminder each time the recipient uses it and often leads to a new customer when that person is seeking the services that you offer.

Quality vs. Design and Price

While the design of your apparel is an important consideration, quality is just as important. Both design and quality leave an equally lasting impression on the customer. If the design is great but the quality is poor, then you may miss out on potential customers.

In addition, quality is becoming more important than price to most consumers, as most consumers rate quality as the most important factor when making purchases compared to price.

Reward Your Brand Ambassadors

By understanding what motivates our customers and prospects, we can better understand their needs and know how to properly communicate and interact with them. In this case, you should reward your brand ambassadors (e.g. your employees, followers, etc.) with free promotional apparel that they can wear while representing your brand. Not only is it a sign of respect and trust, but it gives them more motivation to spread the good word about your company.


As competition continues to rise across different industries, customizable promotional apparel provides you with with the perfect approach to ramp up profits and increase sales. Whether you’re a startup, small-to-medium sized enterprise, or a large corporation, we recommend that you follow our recommendations to make the most out of your next promotional marketing companies.