Today’s businesses face enormous pressure to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Yet the work it requires often seems counterproductive.

How do you simplify operations and align them with strategic priorities when fulfilling your day-to-day business needs is a distraction?

One option that often goes unnoticed is print management coupled with a corporate identity platform. If your brand regularly produces print material, you can find your business saving time, money, and resources by outsourcing these tasks to to an expert.

What is corporate identity?

Many people confuse corporate identity with brand image, but they are two distinct terms. While brand image is how potential and real customers view your company and its products, corporate identity is the visual aspects and design elements that make your brand instantly recognizable to them. Everything from logo design to stationery, social media assets, print ads, signage, product packaging, and worker uniforms falls under corporate identity.

So, why is corporate identity so important? When used consistently, it puts your brand in the strongest possible position to influence how customers perceive and emotionally react to it. It also increases the amount of control you have over your brand image.

What is a corporate identity platform?

Does Your Business Need a Corporate Identity Platform?Corporate identity management makes sure your brand is applied consistently and correctly across a spectrum of applications and collateral. A corporate identity platform helps you securely manage your branded marketing efforts while maintaining consistency across all channels.

Ditto’s Corporate Identity Platform empowers your business by simplifying work processes through a streamlined approach to managing and executing communication efforts. Our data management software is designed to make it easy for you to securely control marketing collateral, print, and promotional items within one platform.

  • We understand you need to be where your customers are. Multi-channel campaign management ensures your marketing campaigns reach their intended audience. Our software platform offers diverse avenues for fulfilling your campaign objectives including email drip campaigns, personalized URLs (pURLs) and direct mail. And it lets your audience learn about your brand through the platform of their choice.
  • Data management and campaign analytics lets you securely track, measure, report, and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Want to target specific demographics? Ditto’s Corporate Identity Platform can create integrated campaigns through a self-serve solution as well as securely manage your data and marketing assets. If you want to maintain control of your data,  we’ll happily provide consultation and work with you to evaluate which campaigns will deliver the maximum ROI.
  • Juggling multiple print projects can get hectic. A streamlined workflow mean you save time and money through automation of everyday operations and printing investments. Ditto works with a diverse group of print-related companies to deliver cost-efficient, high-quality, beautifully executed campaigns at competitive prices. And you’re freed from processes that keep you from focusing on your core business competencies.

Why you should consider a corporate identity platform?

Your brand should speak with one voice. A customized yet uniform approach to marketing lets you deliver different messages to difference audiences through multiple channels. You can manage your vast library of marketing assets and customize your content to create relevant, consistent messaging to your audience as well as your internal sales and marketing departments.

Aside from more one-to-one engagement opportunities and a better return on your marketing investment, a corporate identity platform helps you align communication efforts and put more control at your fingertips. It’s the ideal solution for companies that:

  • Lack the time or dedicated staff to monitor and fill branded orders and/or design custom collateral. Automation is the key to managing inventory and automatically refilling orders.
  • Need consistency across print collateral and email marketing efforts
  • Don’t currently have a system in place for measuring marketing tactics
  • Need customization in their workflows

With Ditto’s Corporate Identity Platform, you log into your personalized platform to customize and order print materials like business cards, brochures, postcards, and letterhead as well as electronic materials and promotional products that consistently promotes relevance and trustworthiness across multiple channels.

The bottom line

A strong corporate identity is a vital component of your brand’s growth. It allows you to spend less time managing day-to-day tasks and more time achieving your business goals.

Investing in a corporate identity platform means you no longer need to agonize over whether your brand is presenting a consistent message to your targeted audience. You don’t spend time worrying about inventory control, campaign management, or the creation of marketing collateral, all of which can overwhelm a business that would rather focus on more crucial business aspects like propelling customer engagement and improving marketing returns.

If you need a print management solution that optimizes workflow, creates print rules, manages printers and vendors, and accounts for print use, a corporate identity platform is the smartest and most cost-effective way to reach those goals.

Ditto – your trusted partner

If your current corporate identity strategy is lacking, or even non-existent, you’re potentially holding your business back from the success it deserves. An experienced marketing services provider like Ditto is your ticket to a faster and more agile way of achieving your messaging goals.

Ditto works with you to create a custom solution that meets your corporate identity vision and multiple channel marketing needs. Get in touch with us today to learn about how we can help you drive brand awareness in a more efficient, consistent, and meaningful way.