Ready for a new and completely original way to create a memorable promotion for you next event?

We’re here to introduce BackSac, a fully customizable, interactive, branding product that utilizes the seats in venues as an advertising opportunity that creates billboard like visibility for your message.

Each BackSac drawstring bag has a main compartment with drawstring closure (like the cinch bags. you already know and love). But now here’s where things take a turn for the awesome. Each of these bags has an elastic back panel that slides over the seats at arenas stadiums, theaters – really any facility where people are gathering and sitting.

The back panel can be decorated to communicate a message that’s extremely visible.  When the event is over, the attendees get to keep the bag and its contents – could be anything from literature to additional promotional products.

Here are a few examples of ways in which organizations can use BackSac bags to promote a message:

1. Sporting Events

BackSac bags are ideal for distributing giveaways and promotions to fans. Imagine how easy and effective it would be to distribute t-shirts or caps to attendees in a BackSac bag which they can also keep as a giveaway.

2. Corporate Meetings

Human resources can use these bags for distributing giveaways and information packets at company-wide events like national sales meetings or training seminars.

3. Conferences and Tradeshows

This could be a huge opportunity for sponsors to get the name and product in front of tons of conference attendees. Simply stuff product samples in decorated bag and place them on seats in the largest lecture halls at the event.

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