The Production & Shipping Coordinator is responsible for prospecting and business development activities for Ditto’s Print Production services.

They will oversee a print project from the initial phase of reviewing requirements to the final stages of production and distribution.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities



  • Meticulously prepare items for shipment against Orders/Tickets, ensuring precise quantities and accurate destinations.
  • Conduct thorough inspections of Orders/Tickets for adherence to shipping requirements, meticulously recording any quantity or recipient discrepancies.
  • Skillfully prepare shipments for postal or commercial transportation, meticulously selecting appropriate shipping materials, packing items securely, and ensuring packages arrive as defined on the Ticket.
  • Ensure timely processing of all Ditto jobs, strictly adhering to defined SLAs.
  • Maintain real-time updates of shipping records for transparency and alignment.
  • Efficiently sort, count, package, label, and log inventory slated for shipping.
  • Conduct rigorous quality control on packaged and printed materials, reviewing packaging for strict adherence to shipping guidelines. Re-box items that have been inappropriately packaged.
  • Thoroughly trace lost shipments and handle customer claims, providing proof of delivery documents upon request. In the event of issues.
  • Provide clear directions to the Order Owner for orders requiring special shipping considerations.
  • Monitor shipping methods/materials, identifying opportunities for cost savings and increased efficiency.
  • Proactively manage shipping material usage and stock, submitting reorder requests as needed.

Receiving & Inventory:

  • Monitor Door 2/Loading Dock Bell/Ring, responding to FedEx and UPS deliveries.
  • Execute swift updates to Receiving orders, meticulously following instructions for deliveries, inventory, and warehouse management.
  • Promptly update Order status to alert the Owner that the package has been received.
  • Conduct thorough inspections of packages for in-transit damage and verify accuracy.


  • Maintain impeccable organization and cleanliness in the Shipping, Quick-Pick, and Client Warehouse areas, ensuring Locations are consistently well-maintained.
  • Strictly follow established department policies and procedures, communicating through appropriate channels such as Orders (comments and statuses).
  • Perform miscellaneous job-related duties with efficiency and dedication.


  • Proficiency with all shipping software, including FedEx Ship Manager, FedEx Insight, Quantum View, UPS WorldShip Software, and Ditto’s internal /board tools.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.
  • Exceptional attention to detail.
  • Strong ability to work independently.
  • Team-oriented with excellent problem-solving abilities.
  • Flexibility and adeptness in multitasking.
  • Capability to stand for extended periods and lift to 75 pounds.